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A place for teachers, the last of the late great imperialists, to post their writing and thoughts about teaching writing.


Saturday, March 16, 2002

J, thanks for your offer to participate. When you blog on I'll know it worked!

Friday, March 15, 2002

Welcome Mark to this blog. For those of you I've email and who are saying, "what's a blog?" It is Jeneane Sessum who introduced me to blogging. Here is her great description of the process. "The whole bizarre notion of blogging is I say something on my blog, then, say, six people link to me and take that thought and construct their own ideas and thinking around it. If I'm lucky, they add me to their "blog roll" (list of links). And in the last six months, searching "Jeneane Sessum" up on google has gone from 1 search result to more than 3,600 search results. The schoolblog site linked off of Elaine shows some things educators are doing with it. A blog is a chronology of converstaions--most people try to blog every day or every few days...
you'll see if it suits you eventually... morph it into a purpose that fits... hee hee.


I have been reading about a National Writing Project for teachers in the recent ASCD Ed Leadership. It is a great form of staff development. We should look at that together and think about the relationship between blogging and that project!

Lost in the blog here, trying to see how others can comment. Let's see if this works.

If any kind blogger soul should happen across this site, please tell me how to add links and photographs. I've added some html to the template, but it doesn't seem to be showing up. I've also changed my brief description in the settings and that isn't updating. Love the idea of blogging, but am bogged down in the technology. Any cyber spirits willing to help? Thank you Suzanne@vpnsystems.net

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Message to the Queens, I think I have to set it up so we can do team blogging. Here's a great link that explains the latest adventure in cyber communication. http://www.msnbc.com/news/719691.asp?cp1=1#BODY Please tell me to stop bugging you if you are too busy to be bothered with this, but I was so excited by the possibilities of an instantaneous way to publish and communicate with a wide audience that I had to share it with someone!! Who better than the last of the late great imperialists, my teacher friends!


I have not got a clue how to respond. What is a blog? Nancy and I are lost - bogged on the blogs??? Please help. The Queens

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

OK - so now what? I know that when you looked at this site (Blog) you saw all kinds of possibilities. I look at the site and say "HUH?". You'll have to share your ideas with me tomorrow. Patti

After a little more playing around here I can see this isn't a "safe landing place" for kids, at least not if the blog is published on the blog server. From the icon at the bottom you can get to blog spots that parents wouldn't want kids visiting. Paula, there is a way to host the blog on our own site? In our spare time we can play around. I just talked to Patti who said, "Huh?? So who would want to do this? Left brain/right brain. To the rest of you on the mailing list, you too may be feeling like Patti. We'll see where, if anywhere, the path leads. Suzanne

Ok, still learning here. Book mark the site as a favorite, enter user id and password and blog away??

To: Last of the late great imperialists (If you're wondering why you were included in this list, ask Bonnie and Nancy. They may be wearing their crowns today.)

I first heard about blogging from Kim a while back, but it wasn't until one of my students from long ago and far away sent me an email about the latest cyber communication wave that I took the time to look into the rabbit hole. Blogging looks like it has great possibilities for publishing kids' writing.

Let's kick the tires and see if it will be a safe place for our student writers to communicate. Try "blogging back" if you can figure it out. I think I put my home email address on here, so I won't know until tonight.

Tried this once, with an introduction to teachers and it ended up in the bit bucket in the sky. So, I'll spend less time and try again. Ok, so how does this work? Trying again to see what the actual site will look like. Had success, took time and wrote a more detailed description of how I got here, published, changed the template and lost the edits. Try again.

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